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We Move Families, Not Furniture

What qualities must a moving and storage business possess to thrive for nearly a century?


Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty and Quality. These words describe the character of the moving and storage businesses of the Weleski Group. No company stays in business for nearly 100 years unless it understands how to treat its customers, and its employees. Weleski Transfer, Inc. is that kind of company.

The owners, the managers, and the employees of the Weleski companies all deeply understand that providing outstanding customer service is not just an idea or an advertising slogan. Providing excellent customer service is our mission, and we’ve lived that mission everyday for nearly a century.

As Andrew L. Weleski carefully loaded up his moving truck for his first customer many years ago, he knew that there was no substitute for hard work and honesty. So on that very first day, he performed the best work he could for that very first customer. No compromises. No excuses. This was the beginning of the legacy Andrew built and instilled in succeeding generations: work hard, work honestly, and exceed the customer’s expectations every time.

Today, the fourth generation of the Weleski family — and all of our associates — understand the critical importance of exceeding customer expectations at all times. To us, quality and customer satisfaction aren’t over-used catchwords. They’re at the heart of our pledge to our customers. Without delivering on that commitment to excellent customer service, we would not be here today.

Mission Statement:

We will use all of our resources and experience to provide a comprehensive range of moving and storage products and services that will exceed our customer’s expectations.