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packing party for moving

Packing? Why Not Make it a Party?

So, you’re moving and you’ve decided to shoulder some of the work yourself, namely the task of getting things boxed up and ready to load onto the truck. Depending on how much you have, packing can be daunting. However, as the old saying goes, “many hands make light work.”  You might have enough people power […]

PA Last 10 Years Migration Patterns

Thoughts on Migration Patterns

One of my favorite Seinfeld lines came when Jerry explained why his parents moved to Florida. “They turned sixty, and that’s the law.” Every year, Atlas Van Lines analyzes the origins and destinations of interstate moves it handles. The idea is to get a 20,000 foot view of people’s moving patterns. Which states see an […]

Adopt a Family Charity Work

Holiday Charity Work

Taking Inventory Through Charity The end of the year is a time when businesses usually take a physical inventory. But, at its core, business isn’t about things. It’s about people. So this time of year is also a good time to take a social inventory. What are we doing to help others? How are we making this […]

Cost of Running a Big Rig

The Cost of Running a Big Rig

How much does it cost? This may be the most popular question in the English language (or a close second to “What’s for supper?”) Everything, it seems, has a cost. Human nature wants to know the precise impact on the pocketbook. For instance, take the cost of moving. No two families are exactly alike, and […]

Family Moving In - Moving Tips for Moving with Kids

Tips for Moving with Children

What happens when moving with kids? The answers are as different as kids themselves. Some may be ready to wave goodbye to the old place with both hands. Others may be on a hair trigger for mutiny at the very mention of moving. Keep in mind that kids are people, too. Respect their feelings, but […]