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The Cost of Running a Big Rig

How much does it cost? This may be the most popular question in the English language (or a close second to “What’s for supper?”) Everything, it seems, has a cost. Human nature wants to know the precise impact on the pocketbook. For instance, take the cost of moving. No two families are exactly alike, and […]

Tips for Moving with Children

What happens when moving with kids? The answers are as different as kids themselves. Some may be ready to wave goodbye to the old place with both hands. Others may be on a hair trigger for mutiny at the very mention of moving. Keep in mind that kids are people, too. Respect their feelings, but […]

Valuation Options when Moving

What is “valuation”? And why is it important? I like full things. A full tank of gas. A full serving of dessert. A full moon. Yes, I think full is generally best. Especially when it comes to valuation. You see, valuation refers to the basis for reimbursement when something gets lost or damaged or destroyed […]

Moving Tips — Avoiding Rogue Movers (Part 2)

As I wrote in my previous post, I hope I can save you from getting scammed by a rogue mover. If you aren’t careful, your move can turn into a nightmare. Here are more safeguards you should know before you hire a mover. Before a reputable mover quotes you a price, he will come to […]

Moving Tips — Avoiding Rogue Movers

They’re out there. And they can make your life miserable. I’m talking about rogue movers— moving companies that look legitimate on the surface but in reality are about as ruthless as a tiger shark on an empty stomach. Such companies may hold your goods for ransom, refuse to make good on losses they are responsible […]

What to Expect when Relocating for your Job

Moving can be both exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time, especially if you are relocating for a job. But don’t worry! Atlas Van Lines surveyed companies to reveal what you might expect in terms of reimbursement and relocation support. Both moving and changing jobs have been identified as two of the top ten major […]

Donate Your Food Items to Feed the Hungry

Some problems are simply too urgent to ignore. A flat tire on the freeway. A smoke alarm sounding at 3 am. Or a bee sting on your bare foot. We’re all familiar with these kinds of problems. We know what to do when they happen. There’s another problem—a really big problem—most of us never have […]

The Semester is coming to an End: Time to Move Out

Moving Tips to make Moving out Simple The semester is finally over! Now all that’s left to do is rock your final paper, exams, and projects and move out of your college dorm or apartment. All of these things can create tons of stress, but moving doesn’t have to. By following these few steps, your […]