Our Cleveland Movers’ Resolution

We’re at that place on the calendar where we can tell 2016, “So long!” (Some are not even willing to look back at the past year.)

As our local Cleveland movers look to the days ahead, we rededicate ourselves to earning your business. We resolve to be your preferred choice of Cleveland, Ohio moving companies with service that makes you feel special. Because we believe you are.Local Cleveland movers in kitchen

As an Atlas Van Lines Agent, we measure every aspect of our service to you so we stay focused on improvement. We see the most important metric as your satisfaction. How you rate our service is our ultimate measure of success. When your move is complete, we’ll ask you to answer this question: Would you choose Weleski the next time you move?

Accurate Moving Quotes

We know a lot goes into earning your “yes.” For one, we start with an accurate estimate of what services you will need and what they will cost. Our Cleveland movers bring a great deal of experience, and they are expert at assessing exactly what is needed for your move. When we give you an estimate, you can count on its accuracy.

Professional Packing

How we handle claims is an important measure of our service. Every moving company in Cleveland, Ohio has its own process for claims. We take pride in keeping claims low with great care for handling your goods. We follow best practices for packing things and securing them for safe transport in the van. In rare instances where damage does occur, we have a simple, proven process for resolving claims quickly to your satisfaction.

Clean Storage

You may never see the inside of our warehouse. But we are firm believers in good housekeeping as a precondition of good service. This is another aspect we measure—making sure our facilities are clean, organized, and efficient. When your goods are in our care, whether on the truck or on steel racks in our warehouse, they are secure and protected.

Cutting-edge Equipment

We bring the same penchant for organization and cleanliness to equipment. Weleski Cleveland movers maintain trucks for safety and efficiency, reflecting our professionals’ pride and commitment to your service. In your home, you’ll notice we take care to protect the surfaces of your house as we work. When we you move into your new home, same thing. And we don’t leave the rubbish and discards for you to deal with—we recycle materials for you.

Those who say new year’s resolutions are made to be broken couldn’t be more wrong. Our Cleveland movers know that improvement takes effort. Our livelihoods depend on it. We resolve to make this effort every day and on every move to earn the privilege of serving you again. Contact us today to learn how we’ll be moving Cleveland in 2017!

Join the Weleski Team – Work with Moving Companies!

Are you a veteran in the moving industry? Or, are you looking for chance to start working while learning valuable moving tips — but unsure how to get started?

Part of the team from Weleski's Pittsburgh moving company

Ladies from Weleski’s Pittsburgh Office

Weleski Transfer, one of the most respected Pittsburgh moving companies, may have a career opportunity for you. Right now we’re looking to fill several positions at our Tarentum, Johnstown, and Cleveland locations.

Household Moving Team

If you are at least 18 and can lift and carry 100 pounds independently, you may be able to join us as a moving team member.  Responsibilities include packing, loading, transporting and unloading household goods. If you are substance-free with a good background, we invite you to apply. We are filling these positions at all three locations.

Sales Professional

If you are enthusiastic with a professional appearance and positive attitude, you may find fulfillment in sales with Weleski.  Primary responsibilities are meeting with customers and providing estimates for moving services. You’ll need a valid driver’s license. Experience in the moving industry is helpful, but not essential. If you have the right professional demeanor and willingness to learn, we will help you succeed. We currently have sales openings in both Tarentum and Cleveland.

Mechanical Technician

If you are an experienced mechanical technician, we’d like to talk to you about an opportunity in our Tarentum operations. We are looking for someone skilled in heavy duty diesel, light truck and automotive mechanical systems. We offer daylight hours and a competitive hourly wage. If you have a CDL “A”, Emissions & State Inspection License, or you are willing to obtain these credentials upon hiring, we urge you to apply.


If you have at least one year of experience as a CDL Driver (Class A or Class B) and a clean driving record,

Moving company team volunteering

Weleski Teammates Volunteering

we would like to talk to you about local driving opportunities at all three of our locations (Tarentum, Johnstown, and Cleveland). We have full-time and part-time openings for local and long-distance household goods drivers. Click here to apply.
Weleski Transfer has been a Pittsburgh moving company since 1909. Our team moves families, not furniture. As an Agent of Atlas Van Lines, we are part of a network of professional moving companies across the U.S. and Canada with global connections to help people go new places® anywhere in the world. Join our team to learn valuable moving tips that you can share and to work with a trusted moving company!

Pennsylvania Moving Migration

map of North America showing moving migration patternsIt’s not quite on the scale of the Israelites fleeing Egypt. But an Exodus is taking place. Movers in Pennsylvania (and moving companies in Pittsburgh, such as Weleski) are seeing it firsthand. More people are moving out of the Keystone State than moving in.

Last year, Atlas Van Lines customers made 77,705 moves between states and provinces. To help us wrap our heads around the question of “where are people going?” Atlas annually organizes the migration numbers, illustrates them, and publishes an analysis. It tells an interesting story about people’s wanderings across the U.S. and Canada.

As for 2015, Atlas counted 3,196 household goods moves out of Pennsylvania. But the van line handled only 2,256 moves into the state.

This marks three straight years for Pennsylvania as an outbound state. That is, more than 55% of moves (either originating in or destined for Pennsylvania) went out of the state. What’s more, each year of the last ten shows more people going than coming. Generally, the relative difference has been moderate; our status was considered “balanced” from 2006 to 2012.  history of Pennsylvania moves

If you study the map, you’ll see some interesting patterns. It appears our outbound status is part of a larger outbound swath that stretches across most of Canada and our nation’s midsection. There are pockets of inbound activity, namely in the northwest, northeast, and south central regions.  As you would expect, migration across much of the U.S. is considered “balanced.”

It’s tempting to speculate about the reasons people have for moving out of a region or into a region. Occasionally, an event will assert itself on human migration (natural disasters, such as Katrina, can be big enough to skew the data).  However, most movements of people are the result of ebbs and flows we movers are all too familiar with. People wish to pursue economic opportunity, such as a new job or promotion. They want to be closer to family and loved ones. Or they seek a more agreeable climate.

The Moving Migration Patterns infographic can be found here, and the full case analysis here.

If you are moving to or from Pennsylvania or the Pittsburgh area, your reasons are your own. If you are looking for a Pennsylvania moving company to help you, consider Weleski. We help families move, regardless of their reasons. Our Pittsburgh movers have been helping folks make their best moves for over 50 years. Give us a call at 1-888-224-3330 or click here for a free moving quote.

We earned “it” again. (And for the first time).

“It” is the “award of awards” in our business—the Milt Hill Quality Award. In November, Atlas recognized our Pittsburgh movers again (fourteen years straight) for an outstanding commitment to quality.  It was also the first time our Cleveland moving company location received the award. (Were it not for the volume threshold, which applies to each Atlas location individually, our Cleveland movers would already be multiple award winners).

The Milt Hill Award examines our business performance from every angle. It looks at how well we use technology. Whether our people wear uniforms. The certifications and background checks of employees.

Both Weleski locations exceeded the standard for every measure. But our scores in four areas are most telling:Milt-Hill-Award

1. Customer Satisfaction. Upon the completion of each move, the customer is asked to rate their satisfaction (from 1 to 5) with the services they received from the Atlas agents involved in booking, packing, and hauling. The Atlas standard is 4.10. We earned 4.57 (Pittsburgh) and 4.40 (Cleveland).

2. Hauling Claims Ratio. This number represents the amount of dollars paid in claims as a percent of revenue. (The lower the number, the better.) The Atlas standard is 3.50. We scored 1.31 (Pittsburgh) and 2.46 (Cleveland). These figures attest to our extraordinary care in handling customers’ goods. They also support the strong financial performance for our company.

3. Professional Van Operator Rating. This may be the single most difficult metric to achieve, simply because customers are much more likely to send in a survey when they have a complaint. (Completing and returning surveys is strictly voluntary.)  The Atlas standard is 4.50. We earned a 4.61 (Pittsburgh) and a perfect 5.00 (Cleveland).

4. Would You Use Weleski Again?  This is perhaps the most telling statistic of all. The standard is 90 percent “yes.” We scored 90.78 in Pittsburgh and 100 in Cleveland—another perfect score!

As mentioned in a 2014 post, we see this award as a priority because it measures all the things that go into creating a great customer experience. Now that we’ve broken the ice with the first win for our Cleveland operations, we fully intend to keep our string of Milt Hill Quality awards uninterrupted at both locations. It’s a reason to believe that wherever you’re coming from or going to, you’ll get excellent service with Weleski on your next move.

When you’re ready to move with an award-winning group of dedicated professionals, contact us or get a free moving quote today!

Thoughts on Migration Patterns

One of my favorite Seinfeld lines came when Jerry explained why his parents moved to Florida. “They turned sixty, and that’s the law.”

Every year, Atlas Van Lines analyzes the origins and destinations of interstate moves it handles. The idea is to get a 20,000 foot view of people’s moving patterns. Which states see an influx? Which ones see an exodus?

PA Last 10 Years Migration PatternsLooking at the numbers for Pennsylvania, for the last two years we have been classified as “outbound.” Which means more than 55 percent of Atlas moves in or out of Pennsylvania have been outbound. This movement reverses a 12-year trend in which Pennsylvania was considered “balanced.” That is, neither inbound nor outbound moves accounted for 55 percent or more of moves to and from the state. If we turn the calendar back a little further, we notice Pennsylvania was considered outbound from 1995 to 2000.

Statisticians have fun trying to guess what causes these kinds of shifts in moving patterns. I think the biggest influencers are opportunity and climate. As for the first, the 2014 numbers may well reflect a loss of opportunity in recent years. In August, the Keystone Research Center released a report on the commonwealth’s lackluster economic performance since 2010. Pennsylvania scored below average in job growth, joblessness, wages and income, and economic growth. The commonwealth’s overall grade was a C-minus. Clearly, such factors indicate people are likely to find greener career pastures elsewhere.

As for climate, a southerly draw is always likely. Perhaps the harsh weather events of recent memory influenced some to leave seek more temperate surroundings. You may recall in October of 2012, Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the mid-Atlantic region. Although New Jersey took the worst of it, Pennsylvania saw significant power outages, evacuations, and storm-related fatalities. However, adverse weather events can take place anywhere, anytime. So I don’t attach too much significance to one storm. (But Sandy was one heckuva storm.)

While it may be tempting to look at outbound numbers and see the hole instead of the donut, there’s a good case to make for Pennsylvania as a destination. Honest, hardworking, and educated people live here. The topography varies from beautiful to breathtaking. And this area is a prime location for doing business. Did you know that 60% of the U.S. and Canada are within one day’s drive of our commonwealth?

Those of us who live in Pennsylvania know it to be a great place to live and work. Our business, Weleski Transfer, has had roots in Pennsylvania since 1909. We’re proud to be here, and the climate has been good for us all the way around.

Check out the full 2014 Migration Patterns Report from Atlas, and the Migration Patterns Infographic, which provides a snapshot of the 2014 patterns as well as past 10 years data.

Thirteen in a row – an Award Winning Agency

Moving Company Award Trophy - Tarentum, <a href=It happened fourteen years ago, and I’ll never forget how it made me feel. I hope to never feel that way again.

I was attending the annual awards banquet at the Atlas convention along with hundreds of my colleagues in the Atlas agency family. When the presenter called the names of those who were to receive the company’s highest honor, the Milton M. Hill Quality Award for Quality, our agency’s name was omitted. I had a hard time believing my ears. I turned to an associate and said, “This will never happen again.”

You see, the Milton M. Hill Award isn’t just any award. It’s a testament. It says you really know how to run your business. It says your operations are about as close to perfect as is humanly possible. It says you care so much about your customers that the service they consider extraordinary is what you consider routine. You do it every day for every customer.

So, I went back to the office and made earning the Milt Hill Award our company’s mission. You might even say “obsession.” We started by taking a hard look at the criteria, point by point. We learned something extremely valuable. The Milt Hill Award is a comprehensive measure of everything that matters in every aspect of the moving business. Warehouse and internal operations. Packing and claims. Safety performance, estimating and billing accuracy, on-time delivery.

It gauges performance from top to bottom, inside and out, through and through. And it’s no cakewalk. You have to be darn near flawless.

This year, in October, we picked up our thirteenth consecutive Milt Hill Award. It’s on display in our Operations Department, and it will soon join our other awards in the company’s trophy case. Our whole team here takes great pride in it. Achievement continues to be a team effort, and we monitor our progress with monthly performance reports from Atlas.

We see this award not only as a measure of past performance, but as a predictor of future performance as well. It symbolizes what you can expect when you trust Weleski Transfer with your move.

And seeing gives me a good feeling, knowing we are doing things right for you and for every customer we serve.