How to Prepare Documents for Storage

Weleski Pittsburgh Records ManagementOne piece of paper, two pieces of paper, three… Without a document storage strategy, files can accumulate all over your desk. They pile up in near-bursting binders on your shelves, and in every closet and filing cabinet, before you can blink. Unless you have a system of organizing documents by importance, the contracts are probably mixed in with the junk mail. You could probably sooner turn up Bigfoot than your expired insurance policies.

Follow these tips to get organized, put your important documents safely into storage, and achieve mastery over the tidal wave of paper.

Toss or Keep?

You need to keep some documents permanently, like deeds, articles of incorporation, and contracts. Keep others such as accident reports, personnel files of terminated employees, and bank statements for at least seven years. Having these documents on hand or tossing them could mean the difference between winning or losing a lawsuit. For details about how long to keep documents check out this record retention guide.

Go Green

Make a habit of scanning your day-to-day files into manageable, email-able PDFs to save time and trees. Cloud storage applications like Google Drive or Dropbox allow you to organize your documents however you like, and choose who can view or edit them. Invest in a powerful shredder to pulverize your outdated financial documents and dedicate a slow work day to cleaning out your file cabinets (or delegate the task to an intern). Be sure to recycle the paper!


Stamp your most important documents with retention dates and keep the files with the same retention schedule in the same box for easy disposal after the time is up. Organize all records in boxes by year/date and alphabetical order. Weleski can pick up these boxes and manage them for you, with services including bar coding, indexing, data entry, inventory tracking, transfers, and more. Our facilities are smoke and fire protected, secure, climate controlled, and protected against smoke and fire.

Do you have more questions about how to organize your documents? Want to request a free consultation and estimate? Call us at 724-224-3330 or send us an email and we will share our decades of records storage expertise.

Weleski Knows Pittsburgh Office Movers


Office movers in empty store

Look at the list of businesses in Pittsburgh, and you’ll see a wide range of industries at work. Steel, construction, retail, food and beverage, energy, chemicals, computers, financial services, and pharmaceuticals are just a few industries located throughout Pittsburgh and its ten-county region. They include many well-known, national names as well as thousands of local and regional companies. All of these businesses depended on professional office movers.

As one of Pittsburgh’s very first office movers, we’ve been a partner to the local business community for more than 100 years. We routinely provide moving and storage services for many of the national names as well as for hundreds of local businesses. They come to us for our experience and the professionalism we bring to help them operate efficiently and profitably.

Businesses make money when they are productive, and they lose money when they aren’t. That’s why we emphasize planning on every office relocation. The move plan is how we save, and make, money for our clients. A well-thought-out move plan provides the best guarantee that a business will maximize its productivity during a move. Our plan specifies exactly what actions are to be performed, who performs them, and a schedule for their completion. It literally is the single most important part of any office relocation. For some office moves, depending on the size and complexity, we may recommend embedding our project manager on site.

Our company provides all the tools and facilities to orchestrate office moves of any size. As standard procedure, we protect everything to prevent damage. This includes pad and/or shrink wrapping for furnishings, as well as cardboard and other protections for doors, doorways, floors, and elevators.

We provide commercial warehouse space for short- or longer-term storage. For some projects, we receive furnishings, fixtures and equipment at our warehouse and provide scheduled deliveries to the business. We provide a heated, clean facility with advanced security systems, optional rack storage, and in-rack fire suppression (sprinklers). Our warehouse includes multiple  docks for cross-docking to facilitate swift transfer of goods between carriers.

As a member of BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association), Weleski Transfer stays abreast of changes that affect commercial property owners and managers. We are committed to bringing a well-informed perspective and knowledge of the industry to our commercial clients. We also provide records management services, including storage and retrieval, archiving, and certified destruction of documents.

Our office movers worked hard to earn the trust of commercial clients throughout the Pittsburgh area. We welcome the chance to provide a proposal for your office move. Click here to get your office relocation plan.

Face Piles of Files – Record Management

weleski-pittsburgh-document-storageFrom accounting to marketing, from sales to human resources, record-keeping comes with a lot of paper baggage. Even in this so-called digital age. Checks, invoices, reports, contracts, etc. all add up to hundreds (if not thousands) of pounds. After a while, you have a scattered Rubik’s cube of cartons cluttering your workspace and stretching your storage. (Did you know a cubic foot of computer printouts weighs about 24 pounds?)

Turning a new leaf on the calendar is a good time for a checkup of your record retention program. If you’re like most business people, the thought of document management (or anything to do with filing outside a day at the spa) sends you running for the aspirin. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  To paraphrase a super group from the 60s, you can “face piles of files with smiles.”  We are also experts in record storage and management. We make it easy for you.

First, your records are safe. Our secure document storage facility here in Pittsburgh provides you climate controls to maintain the integrity and usability of your records, with safeguards against fire, smoke, and intrusion. And we accommodate all kinds of records, from magnetic media to discs and drives to films and X-rays.

If you do not already have a records management system in place, we can help you establish one. With our experience, we can provide you pointers on what businesses typically require as for length of storage and accessibility. We’ve included a sample of retention guidelines in this post, courtesy of the SBA. (However, you will need to verify your own retention preferences with professional counsel).

Our records management service agreements typically include pickup of materials at your location. We’ll barcode everything and scan it upon entry into storage with the date received, description of the records, and their location in our warehouse. When you request access to specific records, our system enables us to efficiently locate the records you want for delivery to your location. weleski-pittsburgh-records-management

At intervals you designate, we will shred and destroy dated documents and provide you with a certificate of destruction—legal proof of when and how we destroyed the documents.

Once we get a system established for your company, it’s easy to monitor the whereabouts of your documents. It’s a cost-affordable cure for the headache of having to catalog, organize, store and manage records yourself. What would be a huge chore for you is easy for us. So let us take a load off your shoulders (or out of your office) with an easy, time-and-money-saving service for records management right here in Pittsburgh.