International Movers

Building on our fifty-plus years of domestic relocation experience, Weleski has built a successful international relocation business. Weleski Transfer is now recognized as the premier international movers in the Pittsburgh area.

Our international relocation services include:

  • Custom international packing
  • Expedited air freight
  • Ocean / surface programs utilizing 20′ to 40′ containers
  • Vehicle shipping
  • Group international move management
  • Custom tailored destination services
  • Customs clearance and brokerage
  • We specialize in international military moving

Whether we are moving your family across the street or across the ocean, our singular focus remains the same: providing outstanding customer service. Overseas moving can be one of the most exciting times that your family will experience. The opportunities to learn and be exposed to new cultures and languages will broaden your life. Here are some general guidelines about preparing yourself for your upcoming international relocation.

By contacting Weleski Transfer, Inc. to manage your international relocation, you will be talking to the people who will actually perform the work. You will not be talking to a third-party move manager who merely hires contractors to perform the work.

When the time comes to hire a forwarder (an expert in the logistics of international shipping and customs), we will utilize the services of only the highest rated international forwarders in operation. Weleski Transfer will then closely manage all aspects of the international forwarder’s responsibilities.

Preliminary Packing

Prior to moving day, you will be responsible for preliminary packing into cartons supplied by Weleski. (Preliminary packing includes belongings, especially unbreakables such as linens, books, pots, toys, etc.)

On moving day our professional team of packers will arrive at your home with specially designed cartons, padded materials, and, if necessary, custom-built boxes to safely pack your furniture (including breakables) plus the remainder of your shipment.

Weleski will provide or build heavy-duty “lift-vans” which are custom-made boxes built to the size specifications of your shipment. These boxes are designed to withstand all handling that takes place en route to your new destination. All of your goods are packed into wooden, steel-strapped lifts, where they are safely kept until they arrive at your destination.

It is important to remember that all wood products, such as the lift vans or wooden crates, must be certified that the wood has been heat-treated. If the wood is not properly certified the shipment can be rejected at the port and returned to country of origin. Weleski Transfer, Inc. will guarantee that all containers and crates have proper certification, or any costs associated with remedial action will be the responsibility of Weleski Transfer and our Agents.

At Destination

Following the departure from your local port of exit, our services continue in the country of your destination. As an Agent of Atlas Van Lines, with over 800 Agents and affiliates worldwide, and in partnership with private international forwarders, we are able to easily manage and coordinate your overseas move. In today’s post 9/11 world, it is sometimes a daunting task to get through customs. Weleski and our affiliates and partners are expert at customs clearance. Once the shipment is cleared, our customs agent will make arrangements for the delivery of your goods to your new home, office or other venue.

Clearing Your Baggage

Depending upon the country you are moving to, you will need some or all of the following documents in order to clear customs:

  • Passport
  • Immigrant certificate
  • Detailed packing list with value of contents
  • Receipts for appliances and new furniture
  • Tenancy contract or title for new house
  • Proper proof of tax exemption, if entitled
  • Copy of agreement with Weleski
  • Delivery order notice


Remember to allow 4 to 6 weeks after your goods leave the United States to arrive at a foreign destination. Delivery times vary due to individual country rules and regulations. Also, during the summer season, delivery times may be even longer due to higher demand in the international moving industry. Also, always allow several days to prepare your goods for transport, and to contact Weleski Transfer as far in advance of your departure dates as possible.


There are times when — for reasons beyond our control (acts of God, fire, hijacking, etc.) — your goods may be damaged or lost. For this reason we suggest that you always insure your goods with an “All Risk, Door to Door Marine insurance” policy which should take effect on the date which your goods arrive at our warehouse facilities. (Note: The All Risk, Door to Door Marine insurance policy includes war insurance, which covers hijackings.) While the cost of insurance is not covered by our estimate, your Weleski representative will be glad to guide you in the matter.

Contact Information:
Lisa Jack Ext. 5837

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