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Since 1909 Weleski Transfer Inc has been serving exceptional moving and storage services to the Pittsburgh and Cleveland area. As commercial and residential movers, we know how important it is to be efficient and economical with our moves. Part of becoming efficient and economical included becoming an agent of Atlas Van Lines, which means being highly screened and trained to properly handle moving equipment and your valuable items. 

Being a member of Atlas Van Lines comes with the mission of becoming an eco-friendly moving company. Sustainability has become one of our top priorities over the years. We know that local and long-distance moving has an impact on the environment and Weleski Transfer Inc hits every environmental standard that is thrown our way. Our green moving company has earned a certification proving we have reached our eco-friendly targets and that we are continuing to protect the environments in the communities we serve.

What is a Green Moving Company?

In order for Weleski Transfer Inc to have gained our Master Sustainable Agent certification we have to follow guidelines that include:

  • Sustainable Management: Weleski Transfer Inc makes every effort to buy sustainable and responsible moving materials. We also have a program in place to recycle all common mixed materials after every moving job. We will even recycle items your business or residence does not want to move. From office equipment to pallets, we are working hard to reduce the waste in Pittsburgh and Cleveland. 
  • Transportation: Our eco-friendly moving company takes reducing waste seriously. We will plan out your move with the most efficient truck routes that reduce fuel consumption. Weleski Transfer Inc also keeps up to date on vehicle maintenance and minimizes idle time while on the road for a green moving experience.
  • Administration: Saving paper is a big way that our administrative team helps with our green moving vision. We will print our sales literature on recycled paper and encourage all of our customers to sign up for paperless billing. Weleski Transfer also uses digital forms of communication, when you call our moving and storage company you will have computerized access to your move!
  • Facilities: Weleski Transfer Inc's facilities are also eco-friendly. We have replaced light bulbs with LED lighting while also investing on updating HVAC systems. From automatic lighting to Energy Star appliances, we are working hard to improve the environment in our day-to-day work. 
  • Community: Taking care of our communities are a big part of our sustainability models. At Weleski Transfer Inc we work with our community to be a helpful influence in the Cleveland and Pittsburgh area. 

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