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We Move Businesses That Are Going Places

Moving a corporation can be as stressful as moving your personal home and family. Therefore when choosing commercial office movers, be sure to choose a moving company that enjoys a longstanding excellent reputation. Attention to detail, integrity, and excellent customer service are what separate Weleski Transfer from other corporate movers.

Weleski Transfer understands that advanced planning is the most important part of any corporate move. No other mover matches the breadth of services and careful planning of Weleski Transfer.

Weleski Transfer’s office movers perform hundreds of office relocations each and every year. Our vast experience and deep resources (as part of the Atlas World Group) are two of the reasons why our corporate moves go smoothly and on schedule – whether your company is relocating across town or across the country. We specialize in long distance, interstate office moves.

Running a business is difficult enough – moving one can be even harder. The goal of any company is to make money. The major objective in an office relocation is to be cost effective and efficient. It is the obligation of Weleski Transfer to make sure your company is up and running as quickly as possible.

It all starts with interactive communications from day one. Our experienced staff of coordinators work with key representatives from your company and provide all the information your employees need up front. From labeling equipment and boxes to moving information libraries to moving office and computer equipment, Weleski gets your move done right. From planning through final unpacking and set-up, we make sure you’re satisfied that the job was done right. That means on time and on budget by providing the following:

  • Member of BOMA (Building Owners and Management Association)
  • Personalized Service
  • Dedicated moving coordinator
  • Quick, personal response to your concerns and questions
  • A skilled and dedicated team effort on your behalf – supervisors, drivers and crews
  • An intimate understanding of moving requirements for large and small companies
  • Competitive pricing and insurance options
  • Guaranteed not to exceed pricing options
  • Proven move planning aids and schedules
  • A tailored labeling system and professional move planning with color-coded floor plans
  • Specialized packing containers – totes, hampers, library carts
  • Fleet of trucks designed especially for office moving – low profile, lift gates
  • Floor protection for marble and carpet
  • Protection for elevators and doorways
  • Specialized electronic equipment handling
  • Storage
  • Disposal services
  • All claims and audits handled in-house

Commercial Storage

Weleski Transfer has dedicated storage space for any form of commercial storage. If you need storage space for your excess inventory, electronic equipment or any other type of product Weleski has the answer for any storage needs. We can manage your inventory in a heated, clean facility that has state of art security and has 24/7 capabilities. If you product is designed to be stored on racks, Weleski can offer that option as well, with in-rack sprinkler systems. If cross-docking is your need all of our warehouses have plenty of dock accessibility.

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