Electronics Shipping

When you need to transport sensitive electronic equipment, count on Weleski and Atlas to handle your equipment safely and efficiently. Our electronics shipping operators average 12 years of experience each. They have earned the trust of leading electronics producers through their skilled and careful handling of medical equipment, robotics, computers, clean rooms, precision machine tools, and high-tech instruments for aeronautics and aerospace. Continuous training keeps our operators current on the best tools and techniques.

Your shipment rides on a cushion of air.
There’s no smoother transportation system on the road rather than Atlas STG equipment with full air-ride suspension. “Full air-ride suspension” means that both the tractor and the trailer are air-ride equipped. Finally, hydraulic lift gates and specialized logistical equipment enable your Weleski/Atlas driver and team to safely place your goods at their destination.

Tech Rep Delivery
When critical equipment installation is required at the destination, specify “Tech Rep” delivery. The “Tech Rep” delivery designation ensures that your goods are delivered when technicians and other costly service providers are required to be in attendance at the time of delivery.

Electronics Shipping Tarentum, PA