Store Fixtures

The grand opening of your store may be just around the corner, but there’s no need to sweat. Weleski and Atlas are ready with professionals, equipment and systems to ensure that your store’s fixtures are delivered where they need to be, and when they need to be. Whether you’re looking to upgrade a single boutique or open several hundred stores around the globe, Weleski and Atlas ensure smooth execution of your store fixture installation.

We stick to your time frame.
Product rollouts and store openings demand efficiency and time-sensitivity. When delivery during business hours is not possible or convenient for you, specify “Target Delivery” — a unique service that lets you schedule receipt at the precise time you require. And because you are served by a single logistics coordinator, you receive consistent, reliable communication from the same friendly, conscientious professional, from start to finish.

You deserve extra value.
We are always looking to improve the delivery of our services. Therefore you can expect added value — at every turn — from Weleski. For example, we provide sequential loading and unloading, so items come off the truck in a specified order for easy placement. Or you may choose to load it yourself in a spot trailer provided by Weleski. Just call us when you are ready to roll.

Of course we bring all of the necessary padding, decking equipment, cargo strapping, ramps and four-wheel dollies. If your location has no dock, we can provide power lift gates to make unloading easy, swift, and safe. You may also enlist us for unpacking, light assembly, and debris removal. We say, “The job isn’t finished until you say it is.”

Supply Chain Logistics