Trade Show Shipping

If trade shows and exhibits are crucial to your business, so is your choice of transportation provider. Since 1970, Weleski Transfer has been a proven partner and trusted resource to successful exhibitors across all industries. Weleski Transfer, in partnership with Atlas, provides highly trained, experienced professional movers who specialize in exhibits and trade show shipping. Weleski’s proprietary fleet of trade show drivers is one of the largest in the Atlas system. When combined with the resources of the Atlas Specialized Transportation fleet, the Weleski and Atlas team is unmatched in quality, integrity, efficiency and capacity.

Tap our knowledge and experience.

Exceptional service begins with your Weleski Transfer Exhibit Agent, a professional who fully understands the many challenges of trade show and exhibit transportation. When you rely on your Exhibit Agent’s years of experience and our extensive trade show network, you avoid the common (and even uncommon) pitfalls of trade show logistics.

With Weleski Transfer, no detail is too small. We take care of it all.

With our experienced operators behind the wheel, you’re ahead of the game.

Weleski Transfer operators are trade show shipping savvy and know the ins and outs of virtually every hotel, convention center and exhibit venue across the U.S. and Canada. With an average of 15 years experience, pinpoint computer dispatch and advanced equipment, expect our drivers to nail target dates and get your goods in and out with professional efficiency.

We continue to deliver at the destination.

Don’t fret if your staff is stretched a little thin. Weleski Transfer trade show supervisors are available to coordinate on-site delivery and to make sure that details are handled exactly as you require. For the protection of your investment we offer Exhibitguard, a policy that allows you to insure your exhibit and trade show properties in transit (to and from the show), and during move-in and move-out. Request your free Exhibitguard brochure to find out more about this important benefit. The Weleski “Trade Show Kit” is a valuable resource that we provide to our customers. Color-coded labels display crucial shipping information to simplify the transportation process, minimize on-site confusion, and eliminate set-up hassles. Personalized to your specifications, our Trade show Kit also includes:

  • Pre-printed bills of lading
  • 24-Hour Hotline card
  • Sample instructions for service contractor’s short form bill of lading for reforwarding
  • Exhibit shipment control forms
  • Pre-addressed color-coded shipping labels

Service is our stock and trade.

At Weleski Transfer, we build our reputation for excellence with every customer, every day. We welcome the opportunity to prove to you why Weleski Transfer is the company that delivers uncompromising exhibit service.

Trade Show Shipping and Exhibits Shipping