Why is it important to hire professional movers to handle your fine art? Unless you have professional experience packing and shipping art, you’re leaving it at risk for damage that will degrade its value or even destroy it, and you may even damage your home in the process. It’s just as risky to hire movers without any fine art moving experience. Here’s why you should leave your valuable collection in the hands of our professional fine art movers in Pittsburgh or Cleveland.Room of sculptures fine art movers

We use the best packing materials.

Take the guesswork out of packing canvases or sculptures to prevent scratches or breaks. The fine art movers at Weleski Transfer will use the packing material best suited to the job to ensure your art is secured in transit or will be safe in storage, even if the piece you’re transporting is large or irregularly shaped.

We can handle large and heavy pieces.

Professional art movers are properly equipped to handle a sculpture or other large and heavy art installation during the move and during transit, without damaging the art or your home. We’ve moved all kinds of higher value objects you wouldn’t trust in the hands of amateurs.

Your move comes with protection.

Ask your professional fine art mover about valuation options and what kind of coverage is included in your moving estimate. Your items will also be documented in a moving inventory that will help prevent anything from getting lost on its way to your new home.

Protect the value of your collection by avoiding “rogue movers,” whose unethical practices include holding your goods hostage. Weleski Transfer is a ProMover®, certified by American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) for our quality and dependability.

Request a free moving estimate from fine art movers in Pittsburgh or Cleveland today, or contact us if you have any other questions about moving fine art.