There are so many different types of moving boxes! Unfortunately, if you use a moving box improperly it can lead to your items being damaged or hard to move. That is why Weleski Transfer Inc. wants to share with you how to properly use every type of moving box. We do not want any do-it-yourselfers to fret, follow these simple tips and tricks to have a successful residential move

Large Moving Boxes

A large cardboard moving box is good for bulky light-weight items. We suggest using this style of box for pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, and comforters. 

Medium Moving Boxes

As an in between cardboard box, medium moving boxes are the most versatile. Accommodating many types of items from all over your home, this box is great to buy in excess. Just make sure to check the printed weight limit on each box.

Small Moving Boxes

If you need a moving box for heavy items this box is for you. We suggest using this style of box with groupings of small items, books, or canned goods. 

TV Box

The best way to move your TV is in your store-bought TV box with the proper box storage. If you do not have this option a TV box is your next best move. These boxes normally accommodate large flat screen televisions. 

Dish Pack Box

This special cardboard box is mostly used to individually pack glassware and dishes. It contains box dividers that separate your fragile items, so this box can also be used for any fragile item.

Electronics Box

An electronic moving box is made with thick walls and designed to hold the proper size and weight of common electronics. Your sound systems, microwave ovens, and desktop computers would be best moved in this style of box. 

Large Picture/ Mirror Box

This box is easy to figure out. It protects large mirrors and wall art very well. This box can also contain handles making it easier to carry compared to your average moving box. 

Wardrobe Box

This type of box contains a metal rod where you can hang your clothing as you would in your closet. Good option for formal wear and clothing you don’t want to get wrinkled during transport.

Extra Tall Box

If you have odd tall or narrow items to pack, we suggest an extra tall box. This box is commonly used for floor lamps, fishing equipment, and golf clubs. 

File Box

Do not throw your files and documents into any box. They can get thrown around and unorganized. A file box is a great way to organize your files if you are not planning on leaving them in a desk or filing cabinets. 

Mattresses Bags & Boxes

Protecting your mattress from the outside elements during a move is important. At Weleski Transfer we suggest you use a minimum of a mattress bag for your mattress and box spring. If you spend a little more you can get an excellent box or bag with handles for easy moving. 

Custom Crates

Every home has items that do not fit in the average size moving boxes. That is why Weleski Transfer Inc. offers custom crating options to all of their moving customers. This type of packing is done by a professional mover and will enclose your precious items in a custom-built wood crate. Call us today to discuss your custom crating needs. It does not matter if you are a local mover or a long-distance mover, we would love to help you.