Two people sitting on the floor surrounded by moving boxes
Preparing for a long-distance move can be very overwhelming. You never know what may come up and it makes it hard to plan. At Weleski Transfer Inc. we believe potentially planning for some mishaps in your move will help take away some of the stress. With over 100 years of moving and storage experience let our learning experiences give you the upper hand with your residential move.

Unexpected Emergencies

Moving your home, a long-distance, creates a lot of time for things to happen. Some things to consider when planning for the unexpected is whether or not you have a first aid kit, a battery powered phone charger, and downloaded or physical maps. You want to be fully prepared if your phone is not working. If your car is not in the best shape, it may also be a good idea to get a service like AAA Auto Club in case your car breaks down, or having OnStar to provide car connection emergency services. 

Unexpected Damages

Make sure to pack all of your items properly to ensure nothing that is delicate gets ruined during your move. If you have any items that you are not sure will make it during a do-it-yourself residential move call a professional. At Weleski Transfer Inc. we offer coverage options that will compensate you if something does get damaged during your move. However, if you are determined to move yourself try using dish packing boxes for breakable items. You can also layer bubble rolls and packing paper in between items for protection. 

Unexpected Delays

Unfortunately, there are many factors that can lead to your residential items not arriving on time. If you are living in an area that may have severe weather events or truck shortages this can be a serious residential moving factor. It is a good idea to take several days of necessary items with you when moving a long distance. You want to have the basics if you are going to be waiting for your items to arrive. Some suggestions are to bring clothes just like you were planning a vacation or you can bring basic cooking essentials to keep you from eating out. It is always a good idea to put aside some money for occasional restaurants or a hotel stay. 

Unexpected Fuel Costs

We all know the price of gas is going up, but did you know gas prices also depend on month-to-month factors. When you are using a moving truck, your gas per mile rating is not the best. If you are stuck in an area where gas is significantly higher it can cost you hundreds of dollars to fill up. Make sure to add a little extra room in your moving budget for these issues. Weleski Transfer can also help you with fuel costs by giving you a written estimate. You will not have to worry about where and when to fill up. Call us today to get a free estimate.