Two people on the phone and looking at a list over boxes

Moving companies are great for packing up all of your items and successfully moving your items across town or across the country. However, some items are not safe for moving in a truck or at all. If you are starting your own residential move, make sure to go through the items below and discard them or give them away. At Weleski Transfer Inc. we take everyone's safety very seriously, even if we do not help you with your move. Feel free to call us if you have any questions about an item you are about to move. 

Kitchen Items

If you are fantastic at packing you can professionally pack perishable items for a local move easily. However, if you are planning a long-distance move, we suggest you eat or dispose of perishable food items before you leave. Items often spoil when left in moving boxes or on trucks for long periods of time. You do not want to open a box and have spoiled food to deal with at your new home. 

We often find fire extinguishers in the kitchen of homes too; it is very unlikely this item will be safe to move since it is potentially combustible. It is recommended that you replace fire extinguishers regularly, so if possible Weleski Transfer recommends you dispose of these items properly and get new ones at your next home.

Laundry Items

Moving companies will not transport flammable household cleaners including bleach and ammonia that are commonly found in laundry areas. These items will need to be disposed of properly before packing day.

Living Room and Family Area Items

Having household items like plants are great for decorating a big space, but they are not likely to last in a moving truck, especially if the ride is bumpy. If you want your plants to continue to thrive, Weleski Transfer recommends you either move them in your own vehicle or you find your plants a new home. 

Bedroom Items

Firearms and ammunition are often found by our packers in bedrooms for personal protection. These items cannot be moved by a professional moving company. You can either carry them yourselves or have a specialty packer ship these items for you. If you have a long-distance move planned across state lines, we suggest you look up each state's firearm carrying laws. You do not want to get in trouble mid-move. 

Garage and Patio Items

If you have containers or items filled with gasoline or oil those items will not be able to be moved by a professional moving company. It is recommended that you not move any flammable materials or the containers that help them. Fertilizer can also be extremely flammable when it comes into contact with certain materials, so you should discard those items as well.

Items such as large fluorescent light bulbs and propane tanks are at risk for exploding during a move. You should check all light bulbs before you move them and return your propane tank to a local hardware store. If all of this seems overwhelming, Weleski Transfer is here to help. We can pack up your home and make sure none of these items end up in your moving truck, or our own. You will simply have to dispose of them before you leave for your new destination. Call us today to get started on your free moving estimate.