Two people in holiday sweaters organizing boxes

The holidays are already a busy time for families. Decorating, cooking, and planning gatherings add a lot to do around major holiday seasons. Adding a residential move during these times can increase stress without proper planning. Here are seven tips for a more efficient holiday move.

Pack Early

Packing takes planning too. There are essential household items that get everyday use. Then some rarely see any action but are still necessary. If you plan to self-pack your house, start early and intentionally. Ask a moving company about their professional packing services for a hassle-free move.

Declutter and Donate

Every house has a junk drawer or a junk closet. Likely, you don’t need to move with 100 various ball-point pens. Go through your home to identify which items can be purged. Perhaps there are places to donate unused items in time for another family to use for their holiday plans.

Hire a Mover in Advance

Many people take time off during the holidays to spend with family, including those in the moving and storage business. Suppose you’re planning to move on or near a major holiday. In that case, you shouldn’t assume that a long-distance mover will be able to accommodate you. Secure a moving day early to ensure there is adequate staff.

Get a Moving Estimate Ahead of Time

Holiday spending can get out of hand at times. To ensure you have a proper moving budget, contact a professional moving quote well before the holiday to help you plan accordingly. Then have fun celebrating knowing that your funds are set aside.

Hold Off on Large Item Purchases

There are usually great sales running in coordination with an upcoming holiday. While it might be tempting to cash in on a specialty item, a move may not be the best time to buy. Purchasing large items like furniture, TVs, or exercise equipment will create more work and money spent to haul them to the new location.

Let Someone Else Host 

Suppose you typically offer your home as the central gathering location for holiday celebrations. In that case, it may be overwhelming during a move. Let a friend or relative host the upcoming occasion instead. That way, you don’t have to worry about the disarray of boxes.

Label Your Holiday Decorations Clearly

When you get to your new home, you’ll be eager to set up and enjoy seasonal decorations. Make this task easier by clearly labeling your holiday decorations so you’ll have an easier time accessing them.

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