Family walking into a house with a moving truck in the driveway

Even before a household move's packing and planning phases, there are decisions to be made. One of the most critical decisions is knowing which residential mover to go with. If you're conducting a quick internet search, be careful when selecting, as there are significant differences between a moving company and a moving broker.

Moving Services Provided

Moving brokers are not moving companies. They don't perform any aspects of the needed services, such as packing, transportation, or warehouse storage. Instead, a broker simply connects you to a service provider and, in some cases, may needlessly connect you to multiple companies.

By comparison, many moving companies offer comprehensive moving solutions. Going with a moving company over a broker can mean streamlined services with one company to provide them all.

Moving Trucks and Equipment

Moving brokers are coordinators. They don't own equipment or employ staff, and their only purpose is to connect you to people who do. Suppose you want a moving and storage company with specific qualities, such as air-ride trucks or climate-controlled storage. In that case, the broker may not know anything about the company's ability to provide those needs.

Licensing for Interstate Movers

When you go through a moving broker, you don't have certain protections, such as licensing requirements. Professional interstate moving companies are required to show proof of licensing by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, allowing them to transport household goods across state lines. Brokers have no such requirements.

Item Damage Protection & Reimbursement

You don't want to consider potential damages or losses during a move. Still, there is that risk. Professional movers are legally obligated to provide reimbursement for damaged items. When you use a broker instead of a professional mover, issues can get complicated when filing a damage claim, as brokers are not a point of contact for the losses.

Support Local Economy

A moving company helps keep the economy rolling by employing area residents, paying local business taxes, and using local providers for business support services. A moving broker conducts business over the phone. They can operate from anywhere in the world.

Reputation Research

Hearing what previous customers have to say about a company is essential when making your selection. Customer reviews can be found for most moving companies on Google, Facebook, and the Better Business Bureau website. Brokers don't have that same transparency available to help your decision-making process.

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