Dog sitting nest to a box containing pet toys

When you’re moving with a pet, it adds a new layer of considerations as you begin planning. You want your pet to be safe and as comfortable as possible. Weleski Transfer has been in the moving business for more than 100 years, and we’ve done our share of relocations with pets involved.

Our movers have put together a list of our top tips for pet parents to keep in mind as they begin planning for their relocation.

Is a Pet Shipping Service Right for You?

In some cases, a long-distance move is a complicated process and such moves can be too difficult to navigate with a pet in tow. Pet shipping services are one alternative to moving the pet with you. If you’d like to consider this option, reach out to the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association, and they will help you find a pet shipping specialist.

Find a Vet BEFORE You Move

What would you do if you were in a new city and your pet got sick? That’s a scary situation to be in, and the best way to avoid the need to struggle to find a vet at the last minute is to find one before making the move. Talk to the vet’s office over the phone, explain that you’re moving, and have all of your pet’s records sent over, so the new vet will be ready to start treating your pets.

Keep Toys and Treats at Hand

Change is hard for people and pets, and keeping things that are familiar to them on hand can help. Instead of packing all their toys away, make sure a few are kept close by, so you can let your pet play with or snuggle with them when they get stressed out.

Keep Enough Supplies on Hand for a Long-Distance Move

If you’re driving a long distance with your pet, be sure to pack enough food, treats, medications, and other supplies. Be sure to pack extra just in case something unexpected happens and extend your trip. Don’t forget bowls and an extra leash and collar.

Find A Sitter for Your Pet for Local Moves

If you’re moving in town, the easiest option for dealing with a pet is to find a local doggy daycare or a local pet sitter who can keep your pet safe and entertained for the day while you complete your local move.

Have an Exotic Pet? Check the Laws Before Moving

Did you know that some states have bans on exotic pets? Some states, such as Hawaii and California, have quite strict laws that limit residents’ ability to keep exotic pets while other states, such as Nevada and Texas are much more lenient. Be sure to check before moving with your exotic pet.

Research the Laws About International Moving with Pets

Bringing pets into a foreign country can be a simple or a complex affair—it completely depends on the country you’re entering. Attempting to skirt quarantine requirements and other laws can result in your pet being immediately confiscated and put down, so DON’T chance it. Learn the laws and then follow them to the letter. You can find useful information on the topic at the U.S. Department of Agriculture website.

Proper Packing of Aquariums, Terrariums, Habitats & Cages

Bringing along your pet’s home, such as a terrarium, aquarium, cage, or other habitat? Be sure it’s packed and protected properly to avoid damage. Professional residential movers can provide guidance on whether you need simple padding or whether it would be better to crate your pet’s home.

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