Movers wrapping a chair in plastic

When moving locally or long-distance, it's important to properly protect your furniture. Ultimately, the best way to make sure your precious belongings make it to their destination safely is to hire a professional moving and storage company in Pittsburgh and Cleveland. Here are some tips to make sure your items stay safe during the relocation:

  • Hire a Professional
  • Use Excess Materials
  • Consider Storage

Hire a Professional Moving and Storage Company in Pittsburgh and Cleveland

If you don't think you'll be able to move your belongings without damaging them, it's important to hire a professional. A long-standing family-owned business will have the expertise to move your items safely. A company that's awarded and accredited is your top choice for quality moving. You'll want to consider a company that offers the following:

  • Pre-Move Consultations
  • Moving and Storage Plans
  • Full-Service Packaging
  • Furniture Assembly

Wrap Every Object with Quality Materials

Sure there are plenty of corners you can cut while moving that will save you some money, but that may lead to damaged furniture. It's better to invest in packaging materials that are high-quality and won't rip or tear while moving. Make sure all delicate objects like mirrors, antiques, and artwork are packaged properly and excessively.

For wood furniture, it's important to minimize the amount of time it's kept in direct sunlight to prevent UV ray damage. For fabric items like curtains and rugs, keeping them wrapped will prevent any water damage that may occur from an unexpected rainstorm.

Short- or Long-Term Storage Solutions

Self-storage in Cleveland and Pittsburgh can be a great option for items that could otherwise overwhelm your space. To prevent damages during and after moving, store extra belongings so you don't have to cram them into a moving truck or your own vehicle.

This can prevent scratches, dents, and breaks in wood, metal, and glass furniture. Then you can easily reintroduce items into your spaces as you get more comfortable and organized.

Choose Weleski Transfer for all Your Moving and Storage Needs

Weleski Transfer, Inc. has been providing the Pittsburgh and Cleveland region with impeccable moving solutions since 1909. We offer award-winning service for residential and commercial moving and storage. Our team specializes in moving household belongings locally, long-distance, and internationally, and offers military moving.

For commercial moving, we have successfully completed endless GSA and office relocations. In addition, we offer project management and records management. For more information on our specialized moving and logistics, reach out to our helpful team. Contact us today for a free quote for your household or business move!