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At Weleski Transfer, Inc., we've been conducting commercial moves in Pittsburgh and Cleveland for more than 100 years. In that time, we've learned a thing or two about streamlining the process. If you are a business owner or manager planning a commercial relocation, we've gathered our experts' best advice for minimizing downtime during the move.

The more downtime during your move, the larger the financial losses your company will face. Although long downtime periods may seem inevitable to inexperienced movers, we're here to tell you that—with a couple of pointers from the experts—that absolutely is not the case.

The Importance of Organization Within Your Team

The biggest factor that plays into the amount of downtime your company will face during relocation is the level of organization within your team. The better organized your move is, the faster the process can move!

Tools like shared planners, detailed to-do lists, and frequent team meetings are the perfect place to start. Also, ensure you are delegating leadership roles and moving tasks between employees! This makes sure that the mental load of the move does not fall solely on one person, and increases your chances of meeting your moving milestone deadlines.

Picking Strategic Move-In Dates

The easiest way to reduce downtime right out of the gate lies in the dates you choose for your relocation. 

By choosing the move your company during the off-season, or days when fewer employees would be working, you minimize financial losses. For most companies, this means choosing dates that fall on a weekend, or during the slower winter months!

Enlisting Expert Help

Trying to balance every aspect of a commercial move on top of the usual day-to-day responsibilities of management is easily overwhelming. If you're finding the balancing act challenging, you are not alone! 

Working with a professional mover to share the burden of your relocation gives you access to a range of services and expertise guaranteed to streamline your process and make deadlines easier to reach.

That's where commercial moving and storage companies like Weleski Transfer come in! The benefits of hiring professional movers include:

  • Working with Professional Move Coordinators
  • Access to Records Management Services
  • Furniture and Electronics Moving Expertise
  • Strict Adherence to Deadlines
  • Streamlined, Efficient Packing
  • ...And More!

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