two people lifting a sofa

As you begin to move, you may feel burdened with large items such as furniture, appliances, computer systems, or machines. Moving heavy and bulky items can be one of the most challenging aspects of relocating, but finding the right techniques and equipment can make it much easier. Utilize these tips to help you take the pressure off of moving day.

1. Prepare By Packing Your Items Carefully

Moving speciality items begins with careful packing techniques. While it may feel easy to just move large items as-is, this can make them more difficult to transport and store. Disassembling furniture before moving will make it lighter and easier to carry down the stairs and into a moving truck. Make sure to remove any shelving wrap and cords that could get in the way.

Another useful packing tip is to tape loose pieces sealed. A small strip of painter's tape can keep furniture and appliance doors closed so they don’t get damaged during transportation.

2. Secure the Correct Moving Equipment

Professional moving equipment can help you avoid injury while making the moving process go by quicker. There are plenty of options available to lift and move heavy items, such as:

  • Furniture Dollies
  • Appliance Dollies
  • Furniture Sliders
  • Moving Straps
  • Moving Blankets
  • Furniture Stretch Wrap

3. Utilize the Proper Techniques

One of the most important steps of residential moving is learning the proper lifting techniques. Lifting heavy items can quickly strain your muscles, creating unnecessary wear and tear on your body. When lifting an item, make sure to get close and place your feet shoulder-width apart for optimal balance. As you pick up the item, lift with your legs and never your back. You should also recruit friends or family for items that are too large or heavy to be moved on their own.

You should also come to moving day dressed with appropriate clothing to help reduce your chance of injury. Closed shoes keep your toes safe in case items fall, moving gloves can give you a firmer grip on items, and back braces can help you remain in the proper lifting position.

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