The last carton is finally inside, the movers are pulling away from the curb, and you’re officially in your new home. Whew! Now comes the work of settling in. Yes, more work lies ahead over the next several days as you get everything put away, arranged, and organized—all while you juggle the day-to-day demands of everyday living.

No sweat. You were smart. As the old song goes, you planned to “make it easy on yourself.”

For one thing, you thought of each family member and put their essentials—pajamas and change of clothes, toothbrush and grooming items—in their own carton (suitcases work great, too). You even remembered to put together a carton of linens and towels and mark it “day one.” There it is, sitting conveniently in the master bedroom. No fumbling around to get the beds and baths in order.

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Eventually, you’ll get the kitchen set up for cooking. But what’s the hurry? No one will starve because you had the foresight to pack some healthful, easy-to-serve snacks. Energy bars, peanut butter crackers, Apples and oranges, bite-sized Snickers. (Okay, so nobody is perfect.) And, with paper plates, napkins, and plastic ware in your kit, you can handle a carryout dinner with no hassle. What shall it be tonight? Mexican? Chinese? Maybe you’ll decide to eat out. That cool-looking pub a half-mile up the road is said to have the best pizza in town.

And isn’t it nice that your boss gave you a little time to get settled in before you climb back into the saddle? Of course, you were wise to request a few days off. If everything goes smoothly, you should get through most of this unpacking and settling-in rigmarole before the weekend rolls by. You may even have time to go around the block and meet some of your new neighbors. Or check out the “lay of the land” and get a feel for where you might shop for groceries and other supplies.

Plus, the first few days around the house let you make sure all services are in place and in order: gas and electric, water and sewer, trash pickup, Internet. Get that glitch worked out of the wireless network now, so brother and sister can keep tabs on their social networks. They get a little cranky when they can’t access Instagram.

It seems the first day in your new home sort of melts into the second, then the third. Before you know it, you’re settled in. Moving sure was easy in the final stretch. You played it smart.

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