Fabric items may seem durable to the average mover or packing team, but they have the potential to be damaged during your next residential move. From furniture to clothing items, you will be surprised at what needs to be carefully packed. Weleski Transfer Inc has put together a list of ways you can keep your items safe over your next do-it-yourself move. Do not hesitate to call us with any questions.

Special Family Items

Anything in your home that has a sentimental value or a large monetary value should be placed in a durable plastic moving bin or tote to provide protection against water, tearing, or dirt. Items like quilts, custom craftwork, or seasonal decorations should be stored in plastic bins while being stored throughout your home as well.

Every Day Clothing Items

We often use large or mid-sized moving boxes to accommodate clothing items. It is important to check the weight limitations that are printed on all moving boxes. If you already store your items in drawers they can remain there as long as you secure your drawers before you move a dresser. Professional moving company will use packing materials to keep drawers in place for transport.

Dresses & Suits

Clothing that you do not want wrinkled can easily be located in a wardrobe box. Items such as formal wear or other dry-cleaned clothing fit great in these boxes that come with hanging rods. You can easily find these boxes at a local store that sells moving supplies or you can purchase them from professional movers. Depending on the moving company, you may also be able to get complimentary loaner wardrobe boxes for short or local moves.

Curtains and Drapes

It is not uncommon for drapes and curtains items to be left behind in a move. If you do not have the exact windows in your new home this may be the perfect time to shop for new ones! However, if they were expensive, they are completely movable. Simply put them on a hanger and cover your curtains or drapes with plastic to keep them clean and to minimize wrinkles. If the drapes and curtains are not too long, they may also be able to go into a wardrobe box for optimal protection.

Mattresses & Box Springs

We always suggest you purchase mattress bags for your local or long-distance moves. Covering your mattress and box spring during transportation is crucial to protecting your products. There is even a heavy-duty mattress protection option made from cardboard materials.

Leather & Fabric Furniture

Your furniture needs to be covered properly to protect these items from dirt or tears. Professional moving companies use plastic shrink wrap on items like accent chairs, sofas, ottomans, and other fabric furniture. Your furniture should also be covered with moving pads while being transported in a moving truck.

Antique Furniture & Fabric Artwork

Investing in custom crating is always a good idea when you have high-value items that need to be transported. Custom crating provides an excellent amount of framework and structure to keep your items safe in a moving truck. Call Weleski Transfer Inc today to get a free estimate for all of your moving and packing needs.