Donate Your Food Items to Feed the Hungry

Some problems are simply too urgent to ignore.

A flat tire on the freeway. A smoke alarm sounding at 3 am. Or a bee sting on your bare foot. We’re all familiar with these kinds of problems. We know what to do when they happen.

There’s another problem—a really big problem—most of us never have to worry with. But it affects many of our neighbors, every day. The problem is food, or, rather, the lack of food.

Did you know that more than 314,000 people in the Pittsburgh area don’t make enough money to afford the food their families need? Twenty-eight percent of those who are going hungry are children. And with the shortage of good-paying jobs, these numbers are only getting more dismal.

Move For Hunger - Tarentum, PA

That’s why I am proud to say Weleski Transfer has signed on as a partner in Move for Hunger. It’s a simple concept—when we pack or load your move, we give you the option to donate your food items to feed the hungry. We put the items in separate boxes and tag them with a special sticker. We take them back to our warehouse and, once a week, we take everything we’ve collected to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.

So, if you move with us, and you’d like to do something in the fight against hunger, just set aside shelf-stable pantry items you wish to give—canned goods, boxes of pasta, bags of rice—anything non-perishable and unopened. We’ll take it from there. You’ll get a good feeling knowing you helped put food on the plates of hungry families here in the community.

By the way, over 100 of our fellow Atlas agents have joined their efforts to Move for Hunger, doing the very same thing we are doing. Last year, our collective Atlas family filled about 116,000 plates of food for hungry families all across the country. I think that’s pretty cool!

The Semester is coming to an End: Time to Move Out

Moving Tips to make Moving out Simple

The semester is finally over! Now all that’s left to do is rock your final paper, exams, and projects and move out of your college dorm or apartment. All of these things can create tons of stress, but moving doesn’t have to. By following these few steps, your move will be the easiest part of these last few weeks, providing more time to study and celebrate with friends.

  • Everyone’s schedule gets crazy. Don’t let something fall through the cracks Moving Out of College - Moving Tips
    • These last few weeks of the semester, professors pile on the papers, projects, and exams. If that isn’t enough to make you want to pull your hair out, adding work and socializing time on top of that surely will. By making a list or schedule of all the obligations you have, you will be less likely to forget something.
  • Clean the monster also known as your room
    • Organization is key here. Packing will go by so much quicker if your room is organized prior to trying to pack. Don’t worry about the heavy duty cleaning like mopping and vacuuming just yet, save that for the last few days.
  • Do you need extra storage?
    • You have a lot of stuff packed into a ridiculously small room. What are you going to do with all of it for the summer or until you land your big kid job? If taking it all back home isn’t the best option for you, the use of an additional storage company may be in your best interest. When packing for a storage unit, here are a few things to keep in mind:
      1. Using large, clearly labeled boxes will make moving in and out of the storage unit easy. Boxes with handles are even better!
      2. Wrap delicate things like picture frames and mirrors in bubble wrap to avoid that nasty seven years bad luck.
      3. If you are storing a fridge, make sure to defrost, clean, and dry the inside before shutting it in a storage unit for a few weeks or months. No one likes mold and mildew.
  • Let’s start packing!
    • It is never too early to start packing! The task may seem overwhelming, but don’t fret! Spreading the packing process out over a few weeks will eliminate an innumerable amount of stress. Packing can be turned into three phases: the non-essentials, the bedroom, and the food/kitchen
      • Phase 1- Non-essentials: These are the items like heavy winter clothing that you know you won’t need during the last few weeks of school. Once these items are out of your room, it will seem a lot bigger
      • Phase 2- The bedroom: the bulk of your packing can be found in your room. The good news is, you can divide your room into sections and pack one section every day or so. This makes labeling your boxes simpler and less time consuming.
      • Phase 3- The food/kitchen: We all try to eat as much of our food as possible before having to move out, but that doesn’t always happen. If you find any non-perishable food items, give them to your local or university food pantry. Cleaning and giving back all rolled into one!
  • It’s finally here: the last 24 hours
    • Night before: By this time, everything should be packed except the things needed to get ready in the morning (clothes, medicines, phone charger, etc.) Make sure to have a checklist of the moving out procedures and any other things that need to be done tomorrow.
    • Morning of: These few hours can be summed up into 4 steps:
      1. Get ready
      2. Pack your car
      3. Rock your finals
      4. Head off to your next adventure: Summer 2014