Is it cool to move sometime other than summer?

Everyone knows some things naturally go hand in hand. Thanksgiving and parades. Baseball and hot dogs. Coffee and donuts. But you may not realize that “moving” and “summer” have been joined at the hip for as long as anyone can remember. The main reason: Families prefer moving when the kids are out of school to avoid a disruption in their studies.

So, come late May and early June, it’s “Katy, bar the door!” In fact, the summer recess from school pretty accurately defines what our industry calls the “moving season.” Most household moves occur during this time. As a result, the key resources used for moving (namely skilled workers and moving vans) are stretched a little thin. Which translates to longer waits for service and/or restrictions on scheduling. Plus, that old law of supply-and-demand places a premium on the cost of services.

Moving During Fall

All of this means you can come out dollars and days ahead if you plan to make your move sometime other than during the summer season. There are other advantages, too. Consider the difference between moving in the dog days of summer when the thermometer is breaking into the 90s and the relative humidity is causing every creature that breathes to break into a sweat. No fun! Now, imagine the cool, crisp days of October and November or March and April. Sure, your moving crew may have to deal with a chill in the air. But they are a hardy bunch and they know how to dress for the weather. They actually work much more efficiently (and comfortably) in cooler air than they do in sweltering air.

But it’s not just moving companies that experience summer congestion. You may find more housing choices available to you during the off season. And roads are less crowded during days when school is in session — and mom or dad isn’t driving all over creation to shuttle the kids between softball practice, dance lessons, and swimming.

It may not be possible for you to dictate when you can move. If an opportunity for a job promotion arises, for example, you may be at the mercy of forces beyond your control. But if you have the latitude to choose which month you will move, consider going before or after the summer season. You may find those months to be the coolest times of all.

We handle moves all year long but if this has inspired you to move during the cooler months, go ahead and contact us to schedule your move this Fall!