Spring Cleaning: How to Declutter Your Home Before Moving

Here are some tips for organizing the items in your home for spring cleaning.It’s well-known that spring is the perfect time for giving your home a top-to-bottom clean. Once the cold, short days of winter are over, people everywhere are practically waking up from hibernation. If you’re going to be moving to a new home in the late spring or summer, use this springtime energy to your advantage. The fewer belongings you have, the less time you’ll have to spend packing, moving, and unpacking. Start decluttering your home using these guidelines:

Don’t Start What You Can’t Finish

Once you get your spring cleaning momentum going, you may be tempted to dart throughout your house and organize everything in your path, but try to contain your energy to one room or specific project at a time to prevent burnout and half-finished projects. Spend up to three hours tackling a project before taking a break.

Try the Four Box Method

Set up four boxes in the center of each room you declutter and mark one “trash,” mark another “sell/give away,” another “storage,” and the last one “put away.” The first two boxes are self-explanatory – put items in them that you intend to throw in the trash, donate, or sell. You can sell items online, in a garage sale, or at a consignment shop. For seasonal items you don’t need at the moment but don’t want to get rid of, like heavy winter coats, place them in the “storage” box. Items that just need to be put away in their proper place go in the “put away” box.

KonMari It

Marie Kondo is famous for her book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which instructs readers in a decluttering method that’s proven to simplify people’s lives and sometimes prevent them from ever having to repeat the process again. These are the highlights of her tried and true KonMari method:

  • Sort items by category rather than by room, starting with clothes, moving on to documents and books, and even going through mementos and photographs that are usually held onto without a second thought. For instance, while parsing through your clothing, grab every item of clothing from every room in your house and place it in one pile on the floor. You may be surprised by just how much clothing you own!
  • Consider each item individually and ask yourself the question “Does this give me joy?” If it doesn’t, throw it in your “sell/give away” or “trash” box. Exceptions should be made for items you might not be particularly excited about but can’t throw away, like work uniforms or legal documents.
  • Eventually, the idea is to only be left with items that have a proper place in your house where they can be put away. That way, tidying up will only take minutes as you put things back in their place, rather than hours spent decluttering. If you add items to your house, ensure that they have a proper home or get rid of other items to make room.

Donation Drop-Off Centers in Cleveland

Here are some places in Cleveland to drop off household item and used clothing donations.

Donation Drop-Off Centers in Pittsburgh

These are some places in Pittsburgh to drop off your household item and used clothing donations.

Once you’re done decluttering for your move, it’s time to find your moving boxes and packing supplies. Check out our moving blog or contact Weleski for tips.

How to Deduct Moving Expenses from Your Taxes

How to deduct moving expenses from your taxesIf you were required to move at least 50 miles away for work within the last tax year, you may be eligible to deduct any moving expenses not paid by your employer. That includes the cost of moving and storing your belongings as well as travel expenses. Due to 2018 tax reform, this is the last year you’ll be able to use this moving expense deduction, so be sure to take advantage of it if you meet the qualifications.

How to Qualify for Moving Expenses Deduction

In order to deduct your moving expenses from your taxes, you must meet the time and distance tests.

  • Time: Have you worked as a full-time employee in the area you moved to for at least 39 weeks during the first 12 months after you arrived in the area? If the answer is yes, you may qualify for the moving expenses deduction.

You still qualify if you’ve worked for more than one employer in the 39 weeks. However, if you’re self-employed in the area you’ve moved to, you must have worked a total of 78 weeks during the first 24 months after arriving, whether you were self-employed for the entire time or worked for multiple employers.

  • Distance: Is the distance from your old home to your new workplace at least 50 miles greater than the distance between your old home and old workplace? If the answer is yes, and you meet the time test above, you can deduct your moving expenses from your 2017 taxes.

Confused? Here’s an example: If you lived in Pittsburgh and then moved to Cleveland (about 140 miles away) to be closer to your job, worked at your Cleveland employer for 24 weeks, and then became self-employed in Cleveland for 54 weeks, you are qualified.

Here’s some good news—if you’re married, only you or your spouse needs to meet the distance and time tests. You may also qualify for an exemption to the distance and time test in the case of job loss, disability, or involuntary separation. You don’t have to meet the time or distance test if you are a member of the Armed Forces and moved due to a military order and permanent change of station.

Which moving expenses can you deduct from your 2017 taxes? Deductible expenses include:

  • DIY moving trucks or pods
  • Professional moving company services
  • Cost of hiring moving help (e.g. paying someone to load your truck)
  • Packing supplies
  • Moving insurance
  • Storage for a maximum of 30 days
  • Cost of gas and oil if you travel by car
  • Any travel expenses aside from meals for each member of your household (one trip each)

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Places to Eat in Cleveland While Moving

Here are some places to eat in Cleveland while moving. These local Cleveland delis and restaurants serve delicious carryout and sit-down meals.Whether you’re moving to Cleveland or moving away, you probably won’t have a lot of time for meal prep or spare cash for delivery, and you don’t want to have to transport a lot of perishable ingredients. Here are some of the best Cleveland restaurants for grabbing a quick bite without blowing your moving budget.


Barrio is a popular local Mexican taco joint with five convenient locations, including downtown, Lakewood, Tremont, Cleveland Heights, and Willoughby. With over 30 options to customize the taco of your dreams, it’s guaranteed to hit the spot. Their full menu is online, so you can call for carry out to speed up the ordering process.

West Side Market Cafe

The West Side Market is a great place to pick up quality ingredients from local farmers and butchers, but if you don’t have time to cook, the West Side Market Cafe will use these ingredients to whip up a delicious meal for you. Stop by at any time of the day for a quality breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner that’s as good as homemade.

Superior Pho

Superior Pho lives up to its name, laying claim to the title of “best pho in Cleveland.” This hearty soup paired with a delicious banh mi with juicy pork and crispy vegetables will fuel you up for a busy day of moving. Best of all, a large bowl of pho for carry-out costs less than $10!

Nate’s Deli & Restaurant

Nate’s isn’t your typical deli with bland toast and scoops of chicken salad. While it does offer the expected deli fare like corned beef sandwiches and chicken noodle soup, Nate’s Deli & Restaurant also loads your plate with delicious Mediterranean cuisine, like gyros, spinach pie, stuffed grape leaves, and hummus made from scratch. Nearly everything on the menu costs less than $10.

Vincenza’s Pizza & Pasta

Vincenza’s Pizza & Pasta claims to serve the best New York style pizza in Cleveland, and they can back it up with several awards! It’s easy to stop by and pick up a sub, a plate of pasta, or pizza by the slice to go, but they also deliver.

Don’t see anything you like here? For more tips about the best places to go in Cleveland, contact us!