Moving Company Award Trophy - Tarentum, <a href=It happened fourteen years ago, and I’ll never forget how it made me feel. I hope to never feel that way again.
I was attending the annual awards banquet at the Atlas convention along with hundreds of my colleagues in the Atlas agency family. When the presenter called the names of those who were to receive the company’s highest honor, the Milton M. Hill Quality Award for Quality, our agency’s name was omitted. I had a hard time believing my ears. I turned to an associate and said, “This will never happen again.”

You see, the Milton M. Hill Award isn’t just any award. It’s a testament. It says you really know how to run your business. It says your operations are about as close to perfect as is humanly possible. It says you care so much about your customers that the service they consider extraordinary is what you consider routine. You do it every day for every customer.

So, I went back to the office and made earning the Milt Hill Award our company’s mission. You might even say “obsession.” We started by taking a hard look at the criteria, point by point. We learned something extremely valuable. The Milt Hill Award is a comprehensive measure of everything that matters in every aspect of the moving business. Warehouse and internal operations. Packing and claims. Safety performance, estimating and billing accuracy, on-time delivery.

It gauges performance from top to bottom, inside and out, through and through. And it’s no cakewalk. You have to be darn near flawless.

This year, in October, we picked up our thirteenth consecutive Milt Hill Award. It’s on display in our Operations Department, and it will soon join our other awards in the company’s trophy case. Our whole team here takes great pride in it. Achievement continues to be a team effort, and we monitor our progress with monthly performance reports from Atlas.

We see this award not only as a measure of past performance, but as a predictor of future performance as well. It symbolizes what you can expect when you trust Weleski Transfer with your move.

And seeing gives me a good feeling, knowing we are doing things right for you and for every customer we serve.